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Will I like it here?

That depends.

Are you looking for a suave spot in one of Madrid's best kept secrets?

This sleek apartment has everything you need, plus oodles of style.

Really? Tell me more...

You will love the combined living room and kitchen area. Lots of sunlight, a snug couch, and a flatscreen TV. Now you can be the host you've always wanted to be.

We think it’s ideal for a family, professionals, or even a gaggle of students. Why spend money on public transport when Ciudad Universitaria is within walking distance? Whip up a quick breakfast and get going.

Your top 3 reasons to live here:

The living room is all set to entertain.
The modern decor. Love the black and white photos on the wall.
The brunch at The Toast. Yum.
But you need to know this...

There's no AC – just open up the windows and let the fresh air in.
And this...

You can smoke in this apartment.
Pets are allowed with restrictions.
Our Homechecker, Daniela, said:

“I loved this property. It’s a great apartment in a charming part of town.”

Give it to me straight…

This is an amazing ground floor, 5-bedroom apartment on Calle De Blasco De Garay, Madrid. It has a spacious living room, stylish decor, and it's close to some really good brunch spots.

We think this apartment is perfect for groups. Tired of the long, dreary commute? Get down to Moncloa and never be late to class or work again. Smoker? You can puff away here.

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