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Teachers for our school of Sai Tai Chi Dao

Compensación: regarding number of sudents (min. 10€/h)
tipo de empleo: opción del empleado

We are a new school that is growing, we are looking for future teachers to train: you have the chance to improve your level, get a teacher diploma and start teaching you own classes to beginners, of course earning a salary for each class you give!

The founder, Master Dao, is a Shaolin monk, expert of Kung Fu, Karate do Shotokai, Yoga, Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Kong, Aikido and other disciplines and he is also psychologist and osteopath.

We are a group of students and teachers who are very different. With our practice we step out of the usual systems. We follow the motto “know yourself and know your opponent, like this you will win all the fights”. By this we mean that it is important to understand the limitations of the system of the society and the fears of the others, but also your own limitations and fears.

We have different specializations, we can provide official diplomas in Sai Tai Chi Dao, Yoga, Tai Chi, water gym, personal coaching and others.
Our teaching is based on the values of peace, harmony and brotherhood. We don’t have a specific religion and we believe in the freedom of everyone. We care about others and we want to build our success by helping each other. Our goal is for you and us to be happy, proud of our life and peaceful.

Our method, Sai Tai Chi Dao, is not focusing only on the martial arts and the physical practice, we do something bigger, to involve everybody and to make the teaching as complete as possible. We mix the physical practice of the martial arts, taught through games and funny practices, with dancing, yoga, Tai chi, but also the spiritual teachings of the Shaolin tradition and the understanding of the latest psychological and scientific discoveries. Sai Tai Chi Dao is a style where there is a lot of freedom, a lot of fun, where everybody is welcome, no matter where you start from. Whatever your level, beginner, experienced fighter or yogi you will discover that Sai Tai Chi Dao is completely different from any other discipline and that the path of learning is still long. We have programs for kids too.

The most important thing we require from our teachers is not only to understand but also to embody the spirit and the philosophy of Sai Tai Chi Dao: we need people who are committed and motivated, who love to learn and to practice, open hearted, open minded, honest and clear, who desire to get free from the limitations of the society and fight its injustices. Still we encourage our students and teachers to enhance their own specificities and develop their talents.

The profits of the school are used to finance our non-profit organisation Girafa, with which we realise humanitarian actions to protect people and animals all over the world. When you are part of our team you can decide to take part in some humanitarian actions, in that case Girafa will pay for your journey and your stay.

In Sai Tai Chi Dao we don’t have a fixed teacher for each lesson, the teachers are always turning, that means that they are free to teach as many classes as they can and that they have the possibility to leave for some time, to travel or to do humanitarian actions, without losing their students. We believe it’s important for everyone to have the possibility to follow their specific interests and passions. Thanks to our collaborations we can also help our future teachers to find little jobs if they need to get some extra money, during the time they are doing their teacher training.
We ask for an entry fee of 500 Euros that will give you unlimited access to all our classes, lessons and learning materials, without limit of time. This fee, that is paid directly to the organisation Girafa, will be used to give a salary to our teachers and to carry out humanitarian work. You can still participate to our humanitarian actions even if you are not yet a teacher and without extra expenses.

As we don’t know each other, we want to let you even more free, by offering you the possibility to try our method for nine days for the price of 100 Euros, with access to all our classes and materials. At the end of this trial period, you will decide if you wish to go on learning with us and pay the remaining fee of 400 Euros, this will also allow us to see if you have the right qualities and spirit to be part of our team.

We believe in a brotherhood spirit, we welcome people who come from outside Berlin to stay in our house, if they wish to, for an extra fee of only 100 Euros, including food and accommodation for the trial period. To recap the total of 200 Euros includes food, accommodation and unlimited access to the lessons and the materials for nine days. In case you want to go on learning and live in the house, the price for you will be 350 Euros a month, always including food accommodation and bills.

Our group is very international, we speak a lot of different languages, among them English, German, Spanish, French and Italian, so as long as you can make yourself understood, you are welcome. The only conditions we ask you to respect to stay in our house, are: no alcohol, no smoking, no drugs, no meat or fish, no violence inside the house. As we love animals with us live some rescued birds and three lovely dogs (of which two adorable puppies).

A lot of people think our system is too good to be true and they are trying to find the trick, but the reality is that in a society that is pushing us to be isolated and alone, our trick is to use the power of the group, to fight against darkness, sadness and isolation. But to keep the system working we need more cool people who are motivated by the challenge of a different way of living. If you are one, then we need you! Contact us, we are looking forward to getting to know you!
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