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Power Amplifier Model P-7100,Amplifier ACCUPHASE P-7100 - €3000


This is a rare opportunity to bay on the current Accuphase Top of the Line Power Amplifier Model P-7100. In a MINT condition, original box, power cord , instruction manuals and presentation sale brochures included ( in both japanese and english versions ). Also included as bonus - a 9 gauge power cord - Pangea AC-9 SE Signature edition and a pair of 12 ft japanese Canare Quad speaker cable.

All I can say about this amplifier is very simple - the best sounding, the most musical.

Powerful 11-parallel push-pull output stage in each channel delivers linear power of 1000 watts×2 into into loads as low as one ohm .

Continuous Average Output Power (20 - 20,000 Hz)
Stereo operation 1,000 watts per channel into 1 ohm
(both channels driven) 500 watts per channel into 2 ohms
250 watts per channel into 4 ohms
125 watts per channel into 8 ohms
Monophonic operation 2,000 watts into 2 ohms
(bridged connection) 1,000 watts into 4 ohms
500 watts into 8 ohms
Note: Load ratings apply only to operation with music signals.

Instrumentation amplifier type design of amplification stages.

Refined MCS+ circuit topology.

Current feedback circuit combines excellent sound quality with total operation stability.

Bridged connection mode allows upgrading to true monophonic amplifier.

4-step gain control.

Massive Super Ring toroidal transformer rated for 1.5 kVA.

Damping Factor 300 .

Weight Mass 49.0 kg (108.0 lbs.) net

Power consumption 120V 135 watts idle, 945 watts (IEC-60065)

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